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6 STATE OF THE ART PLANTS → within our facilities, which houses over 50 cranes ranging in lift capacity from 5,000 pounds to 160 tons, servicing our massive installation of machine tools; 100 of the largest machine tools ever manufactured.

Why OEMs are Reshoring to North America

To strengthen their supply chain while maintaining quality, many OEMs are relocating manufacturing closer to home – a process known as reshoring. Reshoring is the opposite of offshoring; and is simply bringing manufacturing back from overseas. Reshoring is a much more competitive and attractive option when Total Cost of Ownership and Brand Reputation are considered. Reshoring with a trusted manufacturing partner like ABS delivers:
  • Superior Quality:
    Reshoring offers North American OEMs a higher value manufacturing solution with reduced quality risks and more reliability.
  • Excellent Proximity to U.S. and Canada:
    OEMs must maintain control over manufacturing and it is much easier to oversee production when manufacturing is closer to home.
  • Streamlined Logistics:
    Reshoring means that finished goods often only take hours to arrive in the U.S. or Canada, reducing transportation costs as well as risk of delay or damage during transit.
  • Less Inventory on Water:
    Reducing inventory throughout the supply chain is key. Reshoring solves the inventory on water problem by dramatically decreasing the amount of time goods spend in transit - improving speed to market and responsiveness of operations.

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