Subsea Inconel Cladding

ABS Standard Equipment

Equipped with the most advanced-fully automated hot wire tig machines, ABS regularly services OEMs globally. Complementing our massive installation of large boring mills and VTL’s, our cladding cells are designed to handle all ranges of weight and size requirements in the industry.

Specializing in:

→ Ram Blow Out Preventers
→ Annular Blow Out Preventers
→ Wellhead Risers/Connector
→ Spiders
→ Bonnets
→ Doors



Within our cladding department, ABS has invested a tremendous amount of capital and research to certify our weld procedures in lab and by ABS and DNV. These procedures further ensure the parameters we have chosen meet the requirements of our customers.

Sub-Arc Cladding

Complementing our Hot Wire Tig Cladding Cells, ABS Machining’s large installation of advanced Sub-Arc Cladding cells allow us to offer heavy deposit welding of, Inconel 625, stainless steel and steel-on-steel applications. Naturally keeping with our foundations of limiting size restrictions, our Sub-Arc cells are specifically designed to handle the largest and tallest Blow-Out Preventers on the market. Positioners are designed to allow ABS to weld both horizontally and vertically for access on all 5 sides.


→ ASME Sec. IX,
→ API 6A & 16A / NACE MR0175
→ ISO 15156-X, DNV-OS-E101 Applications



Fabrication & Quality Assurance ↓

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Heavy Fabrication Mig, Tig, Flux Core, Sub Arc

Mig, Tig, Flux Core, Sub Arc

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Inconel 625 Hotwire Tig

Inconel 625 Hotwire Tig

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Quality Assurance & Control

Quality Assurance & Control