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The ABS 5-Axis machining department was built from the ground up with our clients' needs in mind. From the development of large custom designed 5-axis boring mills, to our in-house tool design group, our division is well equipped to handle the most challenging designs. ABS developed this manufacturing cell focusing on complex shrouded impellers first, which are known in the industry as “single piece wheels”. Building on the successful launch of the most complex designs, ABS rapidly tooled up to cost effectively manufacture impellers up to 80 inches in diameter.



Today the cell has significantly expanded. Many of our machines are equipped with state-of-the-art controls, and driven by the latest and most advanced software available on the market. Our continuous internal development on both or process and machine design keeps ABS at the forefront of the industry. In addition, our extensive support staff in quality, equipped with the most advanced CMM technology, help ensure the impellers we produce are of the highest quality. We continue with our success, executing our strategy and partnering with leading Turbo Machinery OEMs globally.


5 Axis Spining

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5 Axis Bleeding

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5-axis Machines Deliver Higher Precision

5-axis machining offers OEMs significant advantages over traditional machining methods. Below are the key benefits of 5-axis machines that drive higher operations efficiency, quality, and precision – saving OEMs time and money and delivering products not feasible with traditional machining.
More Design Flexibility:
5-axis CNC machining offers designers extreme flexibility and versatility. 5-axis CNC processes are able to fabricate geometries that would be impossible with conventional CNC methods, and enables designers the opportunity to create even more complex shapes and sizes of parts.
Increased Part Complexity:
Traditional CNC machines are able to move along 3 axes: the X-, Y- , and Z-axes at the same time. 5-axis CNC machines are able to operate along these 3 axes as well as 2 additional rotational axes, A- and B-, for a total of 5-axes working simultaneously. In general, the more axes a CNC machine can operate on, the more intricate geometries it can fabricate. Thus, 5-axis CNC machining has a huge advantage over traditional CNC machines and is able to manufacture complex parts that may not be feasible with conventional CNC machines.
Simplified Setup:
Traditional CNC machining requires multiple setups in order to rotate the part orientation to perform the desired cutting and machining steps. These part adjustments can lead to misalignments and errors each time the part is removed and reinserted into a new position. 5-axis machining requires a single setup since it is able to work on every surface of the part at once - significantly increasing operations efficiency and reducing the opportunity for errors.  
Enhanced Accuracy:
A simplified setup leads to more accurate and reproducible products compared to traditional 2 or 3-axis CNC machines that require the part to be removed from the machine multiple times during fabrication. Additionally, improved accuracy results in less waste generation from off-spec parts.
Increased Part Complexity:
Since 5-axis machines are able to bring the part closer to the tools, the cutting tools are shorter in length and, therefore, less likely to vibrate while operating. Since 5-axis tools vibrate less during machining, the surface of the final product usually has a higher-quality finish compared to parts fabricated with traditional CNC machines.

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The ABS 5-Axis machining department has been built from the ground up with our customers’ needs in mind.

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