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ABS set out on a path over four decades ago to become a global leader in large machining, with the most advanced and versatile fleet of equipment. By achieving this goal, ABS has grown to be recognized as one of the largest and most advanced contract manufacturing companies in North America. ABS’s fleet of CNC Boring Mills, Vertical Turning Lathes, and Table Type Boring Mills are supported across six facilities and serviced with cranes with lifting capacities up to 160 tons. Backed by a dedicated staff of professionals in each discipline of manufacturing, ABS truly offers a single source for the most challenging programs of today and for the future. Successfully achieving this goal organically required the following:

  • Continuous investment regardless of economic cycles.
  • Acquisition of the most advanced technologies in the Large Machining Industry.
  • Continuous Improvements and upgrades of existing capital to ensure all assets are leading edge in the industry.
  • Advancing internal capabilities for maintenance programs.
  • Building a Government recognized Training Facility to ensure continuity, and that future skilled trades are available.
  • Investment and expansion in all support staff roles such as, Safety, Quality, Engineering, and Production Control.



Within our facilities, which houses over 50 cranes ranging in lift capacity from 5,000 pounds to 160 tons, servicing our massive installation of machine tools; 100 machine tools with some being the largest ever made. Our facilities are state-of-the-art and equipped to serve our client’s requirements in:

  • Large and Heavy Machining
  • Production Machining
  • Production Fabrication
  • Automated and Robotic Welding
  • Specialty Welding and Inconel Cladding
  • Complex Mechanical Assemblies
  • 5 Axis Machining

ABS’ Approach to Heavy Machining


Not every manufacturer can create quality heavy fabrications. ABS has the necessary facilities and proven know-how for heavy machining. The machining of large parts presents some unique challenges and often requires a higher level of planning compared to small part machining. These projects require specific tools, equipment, and processes as well as personnel with the right skills and expertise to handle such large structures. ABS offers OEMs:

Advanced Equipment:
Equipment used for large parts must have a bigger work space and reach and need to be more advanced than traditional machines. One technology that makes large part machining possible is 5-axis machines.
Due to their size and weight, large part machining and handling involves additional risks that are not present in the machining of smaller parts. Heavy machining requires additional planning to ensure the job can be performed safely. At ABS, we have thorough safety protocols and personnel safety is considered in every step of the process.
Setup and Mobility:
Mobility is often an issue for large parts due to their size and weight. ABS facilities include cranes and special equipment as well as experienced and skilled personnel to properly handle and transport large parts.
Potential for Stress:
The potential for various stresses is typically higher in large part machining compared to smaller parts. These stresses can build in the part resulting in distortion and issues with the part shape after machining is completed, which may lead to difficulties meeting tolerances. The ABS team includes inspection professionals that thoroughly and frequently inspect large parts during processing to identify part stress early on and minimize its impact.

Gantry Mill Steam Turbine Case

Multi-Pass Machining:
The risks associated with heavy machining are generally higher. If a final part does not meet specifications, the part may need to be modified or scrapped resulting in significant schedule delays and additional cost. To minimize these risks, ABS machining often includes multiple passes on a given machine with inspections often occurring in between passes to confirm dimensions. This approach increases the likelihood that the part will be machined correctly the first time and can be consistently reproduced in the future – saving OEMs time and money.

Precision Machining ↓

production machining

ABS offers a unique combination of medium to high volume production machining and welding services.

80 Large Advanced CNC Machine Tools

heavy machining gui

ABS is one of the largest and most advanced manufacturing companies in North America.

6 Plants with lifting capacity up to 160 Tons

5 axis

The ABS 5-Axis machining department has been built from the ground up with our customers’ needs in mind.

Centrifugal and Turbo Machined Impellers