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ABS offers a unique combination of medium to high volume production machining and welding services. Our team is committed to producing an un-paralleled level of quality and throughput, while also focusing on cost. ABS is well known in the industry for having one of the largest and most advanced pools of CNC machine tools. A large pool of tools allows for redundancy as well as specialized equipment for production runs. ABS Production Machining serves many fortune 50 and 500 companies, while ensuring the individual requirements of each client is met.

Mining Truck Spindles by ABS Inc.

High Speed Machining by ABS Inc.

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From the inception of all programs ABS assigns program managers who begin a collaborative review of all Quality, Manufacturing and Engineering requirements. Once this process is complete a final client mutual collaboration occurs prior to launch. Our in process manufacturing team, tracked with our ERP and Quality Department ensure a total customer satisfaction is achieved. With decades of supplier recognitions, for many critical components, ABS continues to be awarded programs globally, based on an solid commitment to quality, cost and reliability. From the inception of project ABS builds a team of program managers and specialists dedicated to the successful management of each project. Our multi-disciplined team of engineers, electrical, hydraulic, and mechanical specialists, work closely with our clients to deliver a quality product, on time and in budget.


Precision Machining ↓

production machining

ABS offers a unique combination of medium to high volume production machining and welding services.

80 Large Advanced CNC Machine Tools

heavy machining gui

ABS is one of the largest and most advanced manufacturing companies in North America.

6 Plants with lifting capacity up to 160 Tons

5 axis

The ABS 5-Axis machining department has been built from the ground up with our customers’ needs in mind.

Centrifugal and Turbo Machined Impellers